It has been a great experience so far

In the middle of 2023 I started my journey at UniPharma and it has been a great experience so far. Contributing with a company that provides to all employees a good work environment and opportunities to grow is certainly motivating. As a Logistics Process Manager, one of my main responsibilities is to make sure that our process is going well, according to our strategic plan, goals and objectives aiming for customer satisfaction. I also have contact with several different departments and it is good to see how our team is diverse. Different people and cultures focusing on the same goal: delivering several health products on time for our clients.

UniPharma is a company willing to invest in its employees. If you are someone motivated, seeking to learn and contribute to the dynamism of retail, UniPharma is the right place to you. It is a company that has the dynamics of the retail combined with innovation and technology, important elements which will definitely develop your career.

Carina de Oliveira Ramos

Logistics Process Manager